What is CUEX?

CUEX is a website designed to make buying and selling used textbooks in Canada as student-friendly as possible.

How do I list a book I want to sell?

To list your book, find the ISBN located on the back of the book (usually near the barcode) and enter it into the ISBN search box on the main page. Then click Sell Book.

Do I need to register for an account to use CUEX?

For your safety, a University or College email is required to use CUEX. Once this email is verified, you can use any preferred email address and choose to have all communication delivered to it.

What if my school is not listed, or not recognizing my email?

If this is the case, please contact us directly with your issue.

Do I need a password?

CUEX's new authentication system does not require a password. To log in, enter your primary email address and a login link will be sent to you. Click on that link to log in instantly. Alternatively you can log in with Google or Facebook.

How do I contact a seller?

When you find a book listing you are interested in, click on that listing. You Use the Send a Message function to contact the seller. The seller will receive your message as well as your email address so they can contact you. Note that if the seller has not yet verified a university email, you will not be able to contact them yet.

How do I delete a listing?

To delete a listing, you must be logged in. In your profile menu (green button), select My Listings and choose the listing you want to delete. Click the Delete button on the top.

Is CUEX safe?

CUEX is only available to university and college students with a valid school email address. Therefore, you always know you are dealing with a fellow student. CUEX does not publish your email on the site, only in private messages that you send to other sellers. The name you choose for your account WILL appear on the website.

Here are some tips for safety:

But I have more questions!

If you have more questions, or are having problems using our site, please use the Contact page to send us your questions.

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